A – Filipinos are very religious but believe in superstition.

B –  Lots of Filipinos believe in the power of “rebultos” or “anitos”. These are statues representing a minor deity consideredi intermediaries of God.

C – Quacks and faith healers are resorted to by to cure illnesses that doctors themselves cannot heal.

D – Although not a vast majority, still a number of Filipinos believe in the powers of witches to inflict suffering on other people. They believe in lucky numbers and dates also.

E – Most Filipinpo’s choose to ignore what they know is morally wrong in order to please others. It is noticeable how adults go to great lengths just so other people will not have anything to say against them. To most Filipinos, what other people will say determines their moral behavior.

F -Filipino’s see God in everything. They consider every good thing that happens as the grace of God but every bad thing like natural calamities as the wrath of God and is a cause for repentance.

G – They pray to the virgin Mary and give her excessive adoration that a person is supposed to give to the one true God. 

H – They  believe in dwarves, fairys, and spirits who are supposed to be able to grant powers or inflict injury to humans and should therefore not be offended.

I – The belief in magic amulets that brings luck or powers like invincibility.

These are just some of the practices which characterizes the double standard of  Christianity of Filipinos. To us this is just pure paganism. Most ,if not all, believe there is no harm in following or practicing them.

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