Problems + more

 People prey on the stupidity of other people to satisfy their greed. Stupid people bite because of, pride and greed. It is a never ending cycle over here. Colorful posters billboards and TV advertisements of a product proclaiming that it will make you cool or beautiful lure people with their stupidity into believing it would, even if it does cost is too much. They do this so they can brag to everyone.

 Bucketfuls of stupidity are splashed all over the country every day. I have visited mant depressed areas, an area where a family of seven resides in a house probably smaller than an average garage back home. There’s a reason it’s called a depressed area. It is certain that you will be depressed. People would normally ask how people can live in such inhumane conditions. People will say here, it’s ok, we don’t mind. It’s the only answer they can come up with.

Very seldom if ever, have I seen a politician do anything without expecting something in return here.  When the government is corrupt, there are a number of possible outcomes. One that comes to mind is that nothing gets done. If in case anything gets done, it’s done wrong. There is never enough money for public works projects over here. After all the money filters through all the politicians from the top govt. officials to the lowest ones maybe there will be 30 or 40 percent of the allocated money left for the project.Thats why they always say it costs too much. Either way, the taxpayers foot the bill, if taxpayers did pay their ever-increasing taxes.

Taxpayers  will try to cheat and avoid, paying taxes. Taxes are like war. It’s good for nothing. For the Philippines, anyway. If the government loses revenue, it would either increase taxes, or postpone, or cancel projects. Those who are living below the poverty line are exempt from tax, and if everybody is unemployed, there would be no taxes to pay. The government bears the obligation of providing employment to its citizens. If the people are unemployed, there would be no taxes to collect. 

This is a society that quantifies success not by your skills , but by the number of digits on your paycheck , a person earning a minimum wage is frowned upon. But here’s the thing: they get by. Minimum wage earners survive their day-to-day crisis. White-collar executives cringe at least once a month, and that is when they receive their bills. Their disposition is totally different.

Education plays a big part in this whole poverty thing. People are conditioned to think that what they did then is what they should be doing now. Curriculums focus on what is new in technology and science but emphasis is put on religion and how people should do things. I do wonder when personal finance classes might be taught in school and if they were would anyone even be interested in learning the proper way to handle money.

 The key to enjoying life is having a lifestyle that you can afford. This is where stupidity comes in. People become poor because they change their lifestyle. They change their lifestyle because they think that they are earning more after getting a raise. What they don’t realize is that the more they earn, the more the government takes from that hard-earned paycheck. With a raise comes a reasoning that they can afford more expensive things. This is illogical. A more logical thought is that the higher the paycheck, the higher the taxes will be. Did you really earn more? Yes and no. Yes, you earned more money, but no, it is not enough to compensate . They will spend money unneccessarily. This further eats up the hard-earned paycheck. What does it leave you with? It leaves a trail of ever increasing bills. It’s a downward spiral to poverty.

Poverty is not created by the number of your offspring, nor is it created by a recession or “bad” economy. Procreation is natural, but having no means to support what you created is not.  The economy has always been up and down.

It’s about greed. It’s about apathy. It’s about not caring if you hurt anyone. It’s about not caring at all. Status Quo should not matter. But it does. And that is the truth here.

Stop making excuses. Being stupid is not an excuse. Being illiterate is not an excuse. Being lazy is not an excuse. In fact, there are no excuses. Life has always been unfair.

No one is to blame but yourself. You made the decisions. You own the responsibility. It is your fault you are stuck in a rut. It is your choice if you want to stay in that rut, or find a new rut to get stuck with. Either way, the blame is still on you. Not your parents who smothered or maltreated you.

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