Poor Philippines

1 – Fllipino’s remain poor because they will put off things that can be done today until later.
2 – They have what is called a crab mentality,  that is when someone gains success and the envious ones  will pull them back down the ladder.
3 – They are always (with very few exceptions) late for buisness appointments and job interviews. Most Filipinos are not concious of time. We might call this laziness back home.
All the things mentioned above are all characteristics of the Filipino.
Overpopulation is a big problem here. About 90 million live in a country about the same size as the state of Arizona.
People in the medical, legal, teaching, construction and even truck drivers are seeking a better life in another country. The best are leaving the Philippines drained of capable people to work here.
Unemployment is around 10 percent.  After reading the last statement it’s not to hard to figure out why.
Another reason is because the Muslims and Christians seem to always be fighting about something scaring off much needed buisness here. There are also many disgruntled officials, incapable officials and corrupt officials. One who was elected had a third grade education and he liked to gamble, he was also an actor , which is why he was elected, some say he used the countrys money to gamble with. He was removed from office in 2001. There is a presidential election here this May (2010) and he is going to run  for president again. Currently this man is not far behind in the polls that have been taken. The leader in the polls is a guy who’s father was supposedly a communist, supposedly this man is also a communisit too. Then there is the beauty queen, I don’t need to say anymore about her.  Then there is the guy who always talks about all the money he has and how he will give it all to the people here if they will elect him president. Then there is the guy who says he will unify the country. With more than 7000 different islands and between 70 and 100 different languages here how will that be possible.
The reasons above are only my opinion of why the Philippines is a poor coubtry. There are many more reasons but I will stop now.
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