Sharing Filipino style

theftLanguageMost of us would like to have trash bins in the streets for easy collection. The trouble is that, in the Philippines, these bins will disappear as theft is rampant. Even heavy iron manhole covers are stolen, not to mention hundreds of feet of live wiring from electric poles.

While stealing is considered immoral and a crime, pillaging runs rampant here. This is one reason why postal deliveries in the Philippines are not very reliable. Traditional Filipino kinship patterns develop a lax attitude about helping oneself to a family member’s goodies (in other words they steal stuff).  Reluctance to share is considered being stingy. If there is something you don’t want other people to touch in your house, you need to put it away and lock it in a  drawer or closet. Here even refrigerators come with locks on them. Otherwise, do not be surprised if other members of the family help themselves. A person must be vigilant at all times. Stealing is the custom here. They call it sharing.

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