Bad news but does anybody really care?

Aids is now at epidemic proportions here in the Philippines and it does spread fast. Drug addicts, homosexuals and prostitutes are most likely to become infected but that is no suprise. What is a suprise to the Filipino’s is the young ages at which it starts. It is the well educated and teen agers who are getting this disease more and more. Social networks on the internet can organize orgies rather quickly here and a lot of young people fall victem to this. The resources to fight against these websites is almost (if not) non existant. This "whatever will be will be" attitude here is bringing a slow but sure end to this country which is already giving up it’s best and brighest people to other countries.
The lack of education about these types of websites here is astounding to me. The lax attitudes of the people coupled with the politicians who do know about these things but do not care as long as they get their cut of the prophets is bringing this country even lower than it is now. This brings to mind several more countries that I can think of also but we are talking about the Philippines now. Parenting here is not so good especially in poverty stricken aeras. About fifty percent of the population live at or below the poverty line. The children usually attend underfunded schools. Some of these schools will have only 2 or 3 books for a class of 60 or 70 kids. What can be expected from these kids in the future? These kids cannot look to their government for help. Most of the teachers  cannot help. Most don’t want to spend their time helping because they are so grossly underpaid and they are already working 10 or more hours a day.
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