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Hey Joe

Enjoy being stared at for being white like they have never seen a white guy, and just to add insult to injury, they will scream at the top of their voice "HEY JOE". There are a lot of foreigners over … Continue reading

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Davao City – The City of the Spiny and Pungent Fruit. Believe it or not, that spiny and pungent fruit is banned in airlines, durian, is the symbol of Davao. Richest city of Mindanao. Also ruled with an iron fist … Continue reading

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Evil people

The Philippine government can be defined as the most deviant of all government systems in the world; getting yourself involved in the government means that you need money, guns, artillery and a militia.

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Filipino youth

The Fiiipino youth friendly, hospitable and sensitive. These traits are sometimes carried to an extreme. Hospitality for instance, may include feeling insulted if a guest does not partake of the food or meals offerred to him. Friendliness and courtesy may … Continue reading

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I see that someone remembered the upcoming election in Davao city. Things just would not be the same without all the viokence here. TWO improvised explosive devices (IED) were discovered by the authorities in two separate areas in Davao City’s … Continue reading

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Talking about YouTube – The Philippines forgotten war: Part 1 – 03 Aug 07

  Quote YouTube – The Philippines forgotten war: Part 1 – 03 Aug 07    

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The murders in Maguindanao province is a  product of the culture under the leadership of Gloria Macapagal-Aroyo. Not only does it confirm the Philippines’ status as the most dangerous place for journalists outside of Iraq, but more so, it reflects … Continue reading

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