Jeepney drivers and their vehicles

jeepneyThe jeepney’s design defies every law of physics. It isn’t much to brag about, showing signs of the poverty of the driver and his union. However, the exterior does contain paintings, most of which are ugly. Some of the paintings include, women, boobs, Jesus and graffiti. The interior design reeks – speakers beneath the seats to keep your butt bouncing, metal rails to grab onto when the driver shows off his driving skills, a roof which is either collapsing or ready to fall in, or a fixed roof with names of the drivers clanspeople written on it. The front area contains some worshiping idols and knick-knacks that block the driver’s view, and a proverb that subtly mocks the passenger’s looks. Newer jeepneys sport signboards that tell the passengers of the driver’s questionable albeit hilarious English.

Jeepneys are very spacious that a mere twelve-seater can easily cram twenty five sweating  passengers ( victems)- 18 squished inside, 6 hitching at the rear, and one unfortunate soul clinging on the roof for dear life. .

Jeepneys are known for being the source of air pollution and traffic in the country. They overpopulate the roads, producing noxious fumes that kill people. However, drivers and the squatters have gained some sort of resistance to this poison. The have a tendency to stop at places where there is a “No Loading and Unloading” sign. Jeepneys have become the sign of Filipino people in general.

To become a coveted jeepney driver, one must posses 4011 different skills, like having a hawk’s eye for passengers, a mind-reading ability to know if the passenger wants to take the ride, math skills for calculating the fare, dexterity for being able to drive while counting the money, and haggling skills for convincing the passenger that the fare price is higher than what was given and last but not least, a very stinky body odor. Charisma and physical strength is a must in case the jeepney driver encounters another hot-tempered driver brandishing a lead pipe. Insane driving skills are a must.

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