Queen of the Philippines and her disgusting daughter

Corazon Aquino’s daughter Kris was born on the night of a full moon  to the dismay of the her ancestors. Had it not been for the crowds that raised Corazon to queenhood, the royal household would have most likely thrown the princess into a garbage bin and left her for the wolves.

Growing up thinking that a prince would come to court her and marry her off and take her away to some distant fairy-tale kingdom where she could live happily ever after, Kris was instead visited by many who only wanted to use her body parts. The closest that Kris would come to having a prince as a husband was a ghetto type basketball player with no thinking skills whatsoever. They are still together under strict quarantine. Meanwhile, Kris hosts her own talk show and regularly fools peasants into selling their souls to her.

 The second evil queen of the Philippines and the only Asian Monarch to have been shoved head-first into power by a vindictive and sweat-drenched street mob was Corizon Aquino, only because her husband was assinated. Her reign is the shortest among the Philippine queens, and is also known as the most memorable due to the fact that she has a disgusting daughter, who’s also an actress and game show host. Cory Aquino is known mostly for the following accomplishments—–

going on an insane renaming spree, in honor of her husband, starting with the Manila International airport and every street and highway in Manila

Spearheaded a treasure hunt as a solution to the countrys economic problems.

bannied condoms

 In 1990, Aquino put into legislation a law that made Catholic Sunday Mass mandatory

A real leader for the impoverished people of the Philippines. The Phikippines remains impoverished and overpopulated until now thanks to her and the Roman Catholic church.





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