Filipino women

Women from the Philippines are referred to as Pinays or Filipinas, on first impression, would generally be shy, reserved and extremely polite. But as you get to know them more , you will see that they possess a great deal of qualities, some good, some bad and some that make no sense at all.


Because of the general state of the country’s economy, most Filipinas are  materialistic.Many of them dream of improving their lives by marring a foreigner, They try  not to dwell on the hardships of daily life but concentrate more on the few positive things they encounter each day.  This is hard for them since most of the men here have bad attitudes and are basically lazy and can’t be counted on. This is one of the reasons why Filipinas have a great deal of fortitude in them even in the midst of trials. Most families in the Philippines live modest lives that whatever improvement they introduce to this lifestyle is sometimes treasured. The reason I say sometimes is because a lot of the women that are married to foreigners and live in anioher country send money to their families here in order to improve their living conditions then later find out that they have wasted all the money that has been sent to them.

I am not saying marriage to a foreigner is the only ticket out. Most Filipina girls are actually educated and hold degrees and qualifications but if they choose a Filipino man they can only look foward to a , let me just say, a less than happy life. Education is one of the main priorities in a Filipino family. Even the very poor families strive to send their kids to college and get them ready for the future so they can hand most of their hard earned money over to their families., Most parents believe education is an inheritance which no one can rob you of. So if a Filipina would seem shy and reserved at first meeting that should not be considered an indication of stupidity. 

A lot of Filipinas are very conceited and it is very unlikely that you will find a Filipina who thinks very badly about herself. They blush with flattery and most don’t even know how to react to flattery. Lots of these girls grow up in a conservative environment where  public displays of affection is still considered taboo.

Now we are talking about traditional Pinays here. There are also Filipinas who live and grew up in the big city  who might not be as reserved and conservative as the general Filipina.

Generally speaking though,Filipoinas are good and if you get the chance to find yourself a good wife, it is like finding silver but not gold. For Filipinas make good wives, better than most. They take good care of their husbands; they are faithful and will stand by you through thick and thin, as long as you are good to them.

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