Philippines to put Marcos jewels on display

Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos’ multi-million dollar jewellery collection is to be put on display for the first time, decades after it was seized, a Philippine official said Friday.

The public will be able to see the jewels, which the government once said were worth about 336 million dollars, before President Gloria Arroyo leaves office on June 30, said the head of a state agency that recovered the hoard.

The jewels are now kept in the central bank vaults.

"The planned public exhibit would prove that the collection has remained intact under the Arroyo administration," said Ricardo Abcede, of the Presidential Commission on Good Government.

Arroyo, who has battled corruption allegations and election fraud since winning the 2004 election, is to hand power to the winner of the May 10 vote.

The Marcos collection includes a ruby pendant as large as a thumb, a 100-carat diamond necklace and other valuable pieces, Abcede told reporters.

The jewels were seized after a popular revolt in 1986 toppled Ferdinand Marcos from power, sending him, his wife Imelda and their family into exile in the US. The dictator died in Hawaii 21 years ago.

The government has charged that during the 20 years he was in power, Marcos and his family stole billions from the state, spending much of it on jewellery, expensive artwork and high-priced US real estate.

Imelda Marcos became famous for her jet-setting lifestyle during her husband’s presidency, amassing a huge collection of shoes and spending large amounts on luxuries while her country sank into poverty.

Despite numerous charges filed against her, she has never been convicted and is running for a seat in Congress.

The government had earlier considered auctioning the jewels but political opposition halted the plan.


This just tells me that the government has always been corrupt and been taking bribes from Tmelda all these years inclueding the beloved Cory Aquino , her family was rich and were Chineese.

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