Mark TwainFilipino Traits
1. The Filipino attitude of bahala na or come what may enables a person to meet difficulties and shortcomings with resignation by leaving it up to the Almighty to sort things out. This attitude can also result in overconfidence that everything will work out in his interest without doing anything.
2. The Filipino’s mañana habit causes the delays in many public transactions and even corporations. This attitude can effect the engagement to wait until tomorrow or the next day especially when the person involve is not interested or not in the mood. However, one must remember that many Filipinos take their time in doing things or in making decisions.
3. The bahala na attitude is the outcome of the mañana habit when the tasks are left undone. This is usually shown and even expressed by people who do not care much for what lies ahead and just leave everything in fate.
4. There are very few people who are punctual for social meetings. In fact, it is not expected of them to arrive exactly on time especially at a party.
5. Some male Filipinos are proud and arrogant that they will not accept losing face, particularly in the crowd. This also applies to the female. They don’t like the idea of being defeated or embarrassed. In some cases, losing face or being humiliated is the cause of street brawls, drinking bouts or even killings in the country.
6. The Filipino hiya or shame trait stems from losing amor propio which is a Spanish word, meaning pride. Filipinos find it difficult to confront someone so as not to humiliate the person or cause person to lose his amor propio.
I see laziness, lying, not careing, pridefullness and stubborness to the point of stupidity here. The Filipino people wonder why they are not thought of very well. It is because they make complete fools of themselves and of course, without hesitation blame their problems that they created on others.
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