In Italy, they have the Mafia.
In Japan, they have the Yakuza.
In the Philippines, they have the national police!
The Philippines is home to one of the most crime-infested societies on the planet. Thousands of Filipinos are robbed, physically abused, and murdered every year in crimes that go unpunished and unnoticed. An even greater number of Filipinos are victims of the Philippines’ renowned institutionalised injustice. Indeed, the entire nation is routinely stolen blind by its own politicians and government officials. Do Filipinos care? Consider the toddlers that line Manila’s streets in plain view who spend the day — and night — begging. Many of them are clearly victims of criminal syndicates. Still more are pimped out by their own parents. And all of these criminal practices occur in plain view to the average suit driving to work in cocooned comfort inside his airconditioned car. Go figure.

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