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How Did Syria Get Chemical Weapons? Did They Come From Our Old Friend Saddam?

Has anyone bothered to find out where the chemical weapons being used in Syria came from? For years, various sources insisted that Saddam Hussein hid his WMDs across the border in Syria. Source: How Did Syria Get Chemical Weapons? Did … Continue reading

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There is nothing more hilarious than a politician talking about free and open discussion while following the “party line”.This should make one wonder just how free and open is the politician. Think about that before voting.

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Manila Cleans up for APEC – Asia Sentinel

‘Guapo Manila’ hides evidence of government neglect and brings back memories of Marcos Source: Manila Cleans up for APEC – Asia Sentinel

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The Palestinian covenant – What is it?

Source: The Palestinian covenant – What is it?

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A Roman word from mille, a thousand. A Roman mile was a thousand paces, 1,520 yards

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