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Obama’s Odyssey to Terrorist Cuba

The White House denies justice to American victims of terror. Source: Obama’s Odyssey to Terrorist Cuba

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Seriously People…Stop Bashing Obama! He’s Accomplished A Ton and Here Is A List To Prove It President Barack Hussein Obama gets a bad wrap for all of his failures, but the fact is he has accomplished a lot while in … Continue reading

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What Does “Blessed Are the Merciful” Mean (Matthew 5:7)? – BibleStudyTools Video Source: What Does “Blessed Are the Merciful” Mean (Matthew 5:7)? – BibleStudyTools Video

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Chicago riots at Trump rally March 2016

Folks, this makes a whole lot of sense! Who stands to benefit from these riots? Hillary, the Establishment and the lobbyists!!! Look, I don’t support Bernie nor will I ever support a Socialist movement, but I can’t deny that Bernie … Continue reading

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Pinoy ‘Positive Thinking’ and How It Prevents Positive Change – Get Real Post

Everyone these days is blabbing about “positive thinking” as if it’s a new religion of some kind. Well, I guess for some it already is a religion and one that they believe can have beneficial impacts on their lives. I … Continue reading

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