Chicago riots at Trump rally March 2016

Ezra BaydaFolks, this makes a whole lot of sense! Who stands to benefit from these riots? Hillary, the Establishment and the lobbyists!!! Look, I don’t support Bernie nor will I ever support a Socialist movement, but I can’t deny that Bernie has behaved admirably and for that he has my respect. Therefore, what happened in Chicago is not something I see Bernie doing nor being responsible, it just seems too out of character.

However, it stands to reason that the only one who would come out looking good from all this is Hillary. Just like Trump, Bernie is not being bought by lobbyists and just like Trump, Bernie doesn’t have the support of the Establishment. However, it is a proven fact that Soros is funding Hillary’s campaign, and in a big way. And, we can all agree that Hillary is a swine and has it in her to do something as vile as this!

It is a also fact that a lot of Bernie supporters have stated that if he doesn’t win the presidential nomination, they will vote for Trump because, even though they hardly agree with Trump, they get that he’s not being bought. Therfore, this is all a ploy to make Trump look like a racist warmongerer and Bernie look like a violent riot starter so that Hillary looks like Mother Teresa in the midths of it all, in a desperate attempt to try to stop the “Ditch & Switch” of those Bernie supporters!

Isn’t it suspicious and coincidental that a day or two before the Chicago riot happened, Obama met up with Kasich to “play golf” and Jeb met with Kasich, Rubio and Cruz? Isn’t it a coincidence that after the riot, all three of them threw Donald under the bus? Including Mr. “I know the Constitution like the back of my hand”, the one and only Ted Cruz aka The Crazy Canadian…

This is sickening! Now more than ever we have to raise our voices, fight for our rights and show the powers at be that we aren’t going to take the abuse anymore!!!

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