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The Progressive Lust for Power

The Left’s camouflage that hides its real motive. Source: The Progressive Lust for Power Advertisements

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Hal Lindsey

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Obama’s Fantasy Eid al-Adha

As he touts Islam’s fellowship and love, ISIS celebrates by hanging infidels from meat hooks. Source: Obama’s Fantasy Eid al-Adha

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West Point: “Valid Concerns” About Post-Game Football Prayer

West Point considers this kind of activity to be inappropriate. By Todd Starnes The top general at the U.S. Military Academy said Army’s head football coach “crossed the line” with a post-game locker room prayer and admitted that critics had … Continue reading

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Lessons for America from the fall of Rome

The fall of Rome was a culmination of several external and internal factors. Great Wall of China By 220 A.D., the Later Eastern Han Dynasty had extended sections of the Great Wall of China along its Mongolian border. This resulted … Continue reading

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The Muslim World is a Permanent Refugee Crisis

It’s never going to stop unless we shut the door. Source: The Muslim World is a Permanent Refugee Crisis

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Roman Catholicism and the Rapture

The Roman Catholic teaching of the Rapture is very different than that of fundamentalist evangelicals. How false theologies inform the Catholic end times views. Source: Roman Catholicism and the Rapture

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