Loose screw

“Hmm…” The technician studied the massive, building-wide machine carefully for several minutes.
Then, he took out his screwdriver, and he turned a single screw. Instantly, the entire printing press roared back to life.
When the floor manager asked how much he was owed, the technician humbly said, “For that particular service, I charge $10,000.”
“What? $10,000? All you did was turn one screw!”
The manager thought for a moment, and thinking he was being clever, said, “Let me see an itemized bill.”
The technician quickly wrote up an invoice and handed it to the manager.
The manager took one look at it and his face broke into a broad smile. Adding his thanks and a handshake, the manager promptly paid the technician his fee.
Here’s what the invoice said:
Turning one screw: $1
Knowing which screw to turn: $9,999
Our biggest barriers are almost always held together by ONE loose screw.
So many people are ONE loose screw away from their turning point; ONE realization away from their big breakthrough; ONE inch away f

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