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The word lead

The English word “lead” originated from an Anglo Saxon word, laeden, that meant to follow a course. The original meaning did not involve having, or demanding, followers. Followers originally meant, in effect, fellow-ers – people who walked along the same … Continue reading

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Big government

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Duterte’s drug war?

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George Washington’s Slaves: The Struggle for Independence

It’s ironic that the general who won America independence owned 300 slaves. It’s even more so that he spent his last years fighting for their freedom. Source: George Washington’s Slaves: The Struggle for Independence

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) is a horror classic that has inspired many other vampire stories, from Nosferatu (1922) to Twilight (2008-2010). Dracula set the standard for what a vampire looks like and how it behaves in Western culture. The novel … Continue reading

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James Bovard

Part of the reason that the government’s fear mongering is succeeding is because so many people are so ignorant, that it is easier for government to frighten people in submission.- James Bovard . James Bovard is an author and lecturer

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